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Sports Eduaction

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The school is known by “THE TEMPLE OF EDUCATION’’ because education is fundamental to all round development both malarial and spiritual. It is a continue process of learning. If life is struggle the students should no fear from the failure because it is also said failure is the welcome door of new life and new beginning.

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The School year begins in April and concludes in March.

The School calendar is well planned encompassing various academic and extracurricular activities throughout the year..

Sports Eduaction

The government has made sports and physical education mandatory in the curriculum but it lacks the required motivation and drive from the administrators. There can be many reason and factors for this, but one important reason which is very visible is the lack of sports understanding. That is where companies and coaches need to come in with structured Sports Education Programs for parents and other important stakeholders in respective schools and communities to make them understand about the different facets and benefits of sports as career. Such programs will help school and college administrators to understand and relate to the commitments required by any sportsperson to play at the professional level.

Physical education is one area of study that has always been neglected in this country. Needless to say this field of study is as important as others and deserves the required attention. Speaking from a personal perspective, a healthy mind can function only in a healthy body.