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The school is known by “THE TEMPLE OF EDUCATION’’ because education is fundamental to all round development both malarial and spiritual. It is a continue process of learning. If life is struggle the students should no fear from the failure because it is also said failure is the welcome door of new life and new beginning.

About us

The school was founded on 1 April 2005 under the management of a committee comprising of noted education and senior ctitizens.

India today convent academy an academy with a mission is being run by Divine Education society (Reg.) The school is situated in an ideal location having its own building .It is affiliated to C.B.S.E. new Delhi to impart education to the student of Rampur maniharan and its neighboring villages.

India today convent academy has to play a positive and constructive role to all round developed of student .a school where the child is the centre of the universe not the institution .India today convent academy is such type school. A school with a difference .

A school where “all round development is more than just a nice phrase and academics only one link in exciting chain of progress.

The school program recognizes the need to develop the talent and potentian in each child.

Hence extra curricular activities like debates , dramatics creative writing ,art craft dance and music are a part of activities in the school emphasis is laid on the overall development of each child.


The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) New Delhi vide affiliation number 00000 and School Code no. C/000 . The school strictly follows the sanctity of learning from the very beginning of its establishment. It has been honored to be A CENTRE FOR CBSE and number of other prestigious examinations for last years. Due to its quality policy, CBSE has been entrusting tasks of great responsibility to the institution from time to time. And it has been performing these duties with great sincerity and responsibility.